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Create your own picture postcards at these 4 places in South Africa

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South Africa! As soon as you hear the mention of this place, there is a wide array of picturesque sceneries popping up in your mind. And this is not just an imagination. When you actually go on your South Africa tour packages from Mumbai, you will realize that no amount of imagination or description can ever justify the actual beauty of the places it offers to tourists. The best part about South Africa is that it is one of the rare places in the entire world which gives you the opportunity to be one with nature in the truest sense.
1. Table Mountain: Table Mountain is said to be housing the richest as well as the smallest floral kingdom in the entire world. It will also serve to be the most iconic landmark on your South Africa tour packages from Mumbai. For all those people who are fond of clicking pictures on their holiday, they will instantly fall in love with this place. It also gives you an opportunity to take a picture of the entire vicinity of Cape Town. Don't miss out on the cable car ride over here which will take you to the top. There are approximately 1,470 floral species and 2,200 plant species to be found on this mountain.

2. Kruger National Park: One of the largest game reserves in all of Africa, Kruger National Park is situated in the north eastern region of South Africa. It is majorly known for its high density of wild animals. These include the major wild animals of the African race which are rhinos, leopards, lions, buffaloes, and elephants. Apart from these, this national park is home for hundreds of other mammals as well. You can also spot diverse bird species such as eagles, storks, and vultures over here. It has it all; bush plains, mountains, as well as tropical forests.

3. Robben Island: This island considered to be a must-have on your itinerary of your South Africa tour packages from Mumbai. Robben island is in the Table Bay, 6.9 kilometers away from the coast of Cape Town. The word "robben" means seal in Dutch, as the shape of the island is identical to that of a seal. It has also been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This island was originally part of a mainland, and is actually a disintegrated peak of a mountain. The rest of the mountain has been submerged under the waters.

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4. Boulders Beach: Located in the Cape Peninsula, Boulders Beach is a beautiful tropical spread which is one of the most popular beaches in Cape Town. Not only this, but this beach is also the only place in the entire world where you can find Africa penguins and that too in their original habitat. You can find these penguins waddling away right under your nose while you take in the Vitamin Sea. The sea in this region is also extremely safe to swim especially for kids.

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